Open Door, The

Book Cover: Open Door, The
Pages: 164

The last volume of Lutyens' biography in three volumes describes the last years of J. Krishnamurti's life from 1980 to his death in 1986.

Published by KFT, 2003,
ISBN: 978-0-90-050621-5
164 pages

Years of Awakening, The

Book Cover: Years of Awakening, The
Pages: 326

This book narrates Krishnamurti's early life from his birth in 1895 in a village in southern India, his discovery by the leaders of the Theosophical Society, his struggles with being educated, to his emergence as the World Teacher and his dissolution of the Order of the Star that was created to spread his teaching.

Published by KFT, 2003
ISBN: 978-0-90-050619-9
326 pages

First published in 1975

Reviews:Neal C. Reynolds on wrote:

"I've been reading several of Krishnamurti's books before reading this biography of his early years, through age 38, and definitely consider this must reading for anyone who has been studying his philosophy. Here in the earlier stages of his life, one can see the elements that shaped the man and his philosophy.

Mary Luytens, the author of this biography, was a close friend of his and she refers to herself in the third person several times through the book. Her mother was active in the Theosophical Society directed by Mrs. Besant during J. Krishnamurti's childhood and young adult years.

As the eighth son born to a family of the Brahmin caste in India, he was automatically given the name of Krishnamurti. A horoscope was immediately cast for him by an Indian astrologer, and needless to say, it predicted that he would be a singularly important spiritual influence.

This is a fascinating account of those early years, and of how the Theosophical Society gained control of his upbringing, and cast him in the role of the great world spiritual leader whose advent the society predicted. The author details events of this period and the reader will see how Krishnamurti, although under the tutelage of this group, developed an independent spirit and an independent philosophy, and eventually stepped out of the role created for him.

The emphasis throughout the book is on the biographical events and not on the eventual philosophy. For this reason, I feel that the person familiar with the philosophy will get more from this book than will one who hasn't read this man's writings.

I believe anyone who is spiritually attuned will gain a tremendous insight through this book."

Years of Fulfillment

Book Cover: Years of Fulfillment
Pages: 248

The Years of Fulfilment narrates Krishnamurti's mature years after his break with Theosophy.

From the early 1930s to 1980.

Published by KFT
ISBN: 978-0-90-050620-8
248 pages

First published in 1983

As the River Joins the Ocean

Reflections about J. Krishnamurti

Book Cover: As the River Joins the Ocean
Pages: 92

As the River Joins the Ocean is a gentle memoir, written by Krishnamurti's nephew Giddu Narayan, that illuminates Krishnamurti in ways that more formal biographies have not. The family genealogy shows the humble origins of the great teacher. His touching lifelong concern and compassion for people, and for his own family, reveal him to be deeply related to humanity. This new memoir by a devoted student of the teachings is an important historical document for scholars and others concerned with Krishnamurti's unique approach to the perennial issues that perplex humanity.

Publisher: KFA

Author: Giddu Narayan

92 pp