Hear From our Partners

Below are a few testimonials from some of our long-standing publishing partners from around the world.  We are always very interested to hear form our partners, if you would like to submit a testimonial of your experience publishing Krishnamurti’s work click here


“To transform the world,” J. Krishnamurti was famous for saying,  “we must begin with ourselves.”  His transformative  vision-a vision  that recognizes the intimate, essential connection between the  personal and global--continues to resonate strongly with his millions of readers. We at Shambhala Publications are very proud of our role in publishing this wonderful teacher, whose books have  been an important part of our program for more than a quarter of a century.”

-Jonathan Green, Shambhala Publications, Inc, USA 2016

“We feel that the life itself of this publishing house is bound up with the amazing power of Krishnamurti’s message to speak to every generation since more than 70 years. We are grateful for that and are proud of our role in spreading that message among Italian language readers. “  

-Francesco Gana, Astrolabio-Ubaldini Publishing House, Italy 2016

“The Ks in Krishnamurti and in Kairós have been, for a number of years, inextricably linked. He is an author so representative of our editorial line, and with whose thought we feel so identified, that we have already produced 36 of his works in Spanish (and two in Catalan). He is the author with the largest number of titles in our catalogue. And we carry on.”

-Agustin Paniker, Kairos, Spain 2016

“We receive many thanks from our readers for publishing [Krishnamurti’s] books and it gives us confidence that we are doing the right thing. Our publishing is very grateful to Krishnamurti Foundation Trust that we can give Russian people the opportunity to read the books of this great man and introduce them to his wisdom.”

-Natalia Gorina, Ganga, Russia 2016

“It is a fortunate thing to come across Krishnamurti, who was sagacious, intelligent and penetrating,  trying to help people go beyond various worries and limitations. As a publisher, we witnessed the rapid growth of his readers and influences in China since the beginning of this century, and we are glad that we have contributed to this course. “

-Fangli, Jiuzhou Press, China 2016