You Are The World

Book Cover: You Are The World
Pages: 163

This volume consists of talks Krishnamurti gave at four well-known California universities. Sensing the urge for freedom in his audience, he directs their attention away from superficial change, while at the same time challenging the Western dialectical tradition and emphasizing that inward revolution can only come about when we see that we are the world. He asks us to use his words as a mirror to look at ourselves as we actually are and to see the totality of existence.


Three Talks at Brandeis University
Four Talks at UC Berkeley University
Four Talks at Stanford University
Talks at UC Santa Cruz

Publisher: Harper Collins
163 pp - Paper

Reviews:Rob on wrote:

"I read this book more than 26 years ago as a young man of 21. The book changed my perception of my place in the world and how I as an individual could effect change. I will never forget the title of the book or its' contents... the subject matter is too important. I am deeply grateful to its author."

Customer on wrote:

"Before I read this book I was an obsessive compusive, manic depressive. I was addicted to Cocain and lost my wife and kids due to my addiction. I was sitting in my room in rehab and was given this book by the Book Man. I read it and found out that we can not change the world, we can only change ourselves. If we each do that we can change the world, one person at a time. It gave me light in a tunnel of darkness. I awoke from a nightmare and saw the way to virtue. I gave up everything and now am working in a shelter for people who can not afford rehab. It has changed me and can change you too!"