Unconditioning & Education Vol. 2

The Need for a Radical Approach

Book Cover: Unconditioning & Education Vol. 2

This book is the second and last volume in a series that presents a collection of dialogues in which renowned educator and religious teacher J. Krishnamurti explores with parents and teachers the need for a radical approach to schooling and their intention to establish such a school in the Ojai valley in California. They discuss the conditioning effects on children and educators of teaching and environments in schools based on traditional methods of education. They look at the stultifying effects of knowledge-based approaches which, instead of broadening the minds of children in a setting that encourages observation and creativity, conditions them to conform to society. To free the mind’s broader potential and to educate the whole human being they see that there must be right relationship between students and teachers in an atmosphere of attention, care and trust.

ISBN: 9780692966174
Pages: 296
Publisher: Krishnamurti Foundation of America