This Light in Oneself

Book Cover: This Light in Oneself
Pages: 133

This compilation of previously unpublished material takes as its starting-point Krishnamurti's concern for a radical revolution in the brain. It comprises eighteen thematic chapters about true meditation and the silent mind.

Publisher: Shambhala
ISBN-13: 9788150624420
133 pp - Paper


From the book:  "Nobody, nobody can teach you what meditation is, however long-bearded the gentleman may be, or whatever strange garments he may wear. Find out for yourself and stand by what you find out for yourself, and do not depend on another."

Reviews:H.K.Narayanaswamy on wrote:

"This is an excellent collection of Krishnamurti's thoughts on the subject of Self and Truth. For those who intent to seek truth, shredding the inhibitions of narrow mindedness that religions have burdened us with, this book makes an excellent reading. Among the vain voices of the so-called champions of various religions who vehemently strive to prove the superiority of one religion over other, here is a voice that tells 'You and Only You' can liberate yourself. The thoughts in this book can become more than mere ideas provided one gathers the courage to look in the direction they point to."