Talks with American Students

Book Cover: Talks with American Students
Pages: 182

Three talks at the University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, two talks at Morcelo, Puerto Rico, three talks at Claremont College, California, and four talks at the New School for Social Research, New York City from 1968 comprise Talks with American Students.

From the book:   Most of us in this confused and brutal world try to carve out a private life of our own, a life in which we can be happy and peaceful and yet live with the things of this world. We seem to think that the daily life we lead, the life of struggle, conflict, pain and sorrow, is something separate from the outer world of misery and confusion. We seem to think that the individual, the 'you', is different from the rest of the world...When you look a little more closely, not only at your own life but also at the world, you will see that what you are- your daily life, what you think, what you feel,- is the external world, the world about you. You are the world, you are the human being that has made this world of utter disorder, the world that is crying helplessly in great sorrow.   ...In bringing about a radical change in the human being, in you, you are naturally bringing about a radical change in the structure and the nature of society...

Publisher: Harper Collins
Author/Editor: J. Krishnamurti
182 pp - Paper

Reviews: Craig Chalquist, PhD, author of TERRAPSYCHOLOGY and DEEP CALIFORNIA on wrote:

"A moving discussion with young students. Memorable; at one point, asked a question by a little girl, Krishnamurt turns to the assembled teachers and asks: why is it that a little girl wants to know why she is never satisfied with anything? You adults are responsible for this, for you've created a world in which children must ask such questions...."