Revolution From Within, The

Book Cover: Revolution From Within, The
Pages: 311

In this series of talks, given in the U.S. and various cities throughout the world in the 1950s, Krishnamurti confronts the habitual, projection-making mind, which fails to see "what is", immersed as it is in belief and illusion. "What can bring about this radical change in our minds?" the author asks.

His insightful answers invite his readers to question the basic assumptions that govern their lives. Other topics include: the process of change at all levels, self-awareness and freedom from slavery to the mind.

Publisher: Hohm Press
311 Pages

Reviews:Midwest Book Review on wrote:

"Most people prove to be slaves to their minds. "The Revolution from Within" is a collection of thoughts and ideas from one of the leading spiritual philosophers of the twentieth century, J. Krishnamurti. Encouraging readers to be more aware of the constant changes in life all around them, and to break free of their mind's dominion over their souls, "The Revolution from Within" will influence and encourage much thought."