Questioning Krishnamurti

Book Cover: Questioning Krishnamurti

This book consists of fourteen conversations debating many essential questions.

Those taking part include scientists, a Buddhist scholar, philosophers, artists and a Jesuit priest. None of them could be called devotees; rather, they came to question, clarify and challenge, something which in his lifetime Krishnamurti had always urged his listeners and readers to do.

Various subjects are explored in a series of dialogues between Krishnamurti and Iris Murdoch, David Bohm, Huston Smith, Jonas Salk and many others.

Published by KFA
ISBN: 9788187326212
253 page

Reviews:rsrchstr on wrote:

"J. Krishnamurti in dialogue with Jonas Salk, David Bohm, Iris Murdoch, Renee Weber, Eugene Schallert, Bernard Levin and others. This is an interesting book."

V. Arauz on wrote:

"Words cannot describe the beauty of Krishnamurti's teachings and this is no exception. A must for those serious about life."