On Mind and Thought

Book Cover: On Mind and Thought
Pages: 146
Reviews:Donald Ford on Amazon.com wrote:

"This book (one in a series regarding topics critical to mankind) will mainly be of intrest to those who are already familiar with Krishnamurti & his teachings. In it, he clarifies many aspects of his philosophy, by defining words & topics in his own special way. If you've read some of his stuff, and have been perplexed by some wild-sounding concepts like the ending of thought, ending the seperation between the observer & that which is observed, & immediate transformation without the space of time, this book will really clear up that confusion or wonder. In it, he clearly spells out what he means by the many layers of the mind...the conscious & the subconscious, dreams, & though (both psycological & practical). Many esoteric-sounding themes & ideas are clearly spelled out in that simple & direct language that draws so many to Krishnamurti's teachings. If any of Krishnamurti's other works have interested you, I'd strongly recommend reading this book. For first-time readers, I'd recommend Think On These Things."