Living in an Insane World

Book Cover: Living in an Insane World
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  • Living in an Insane World
Pages: 82

This book is comprised of a short selection of passages from The Teachings of J. Krishnamurti, including Krishnamurti's sentiments during World War II and topics such as violence, relationship, and how a wise man lives in this insane world.

Published by KFA and KFT

ISBN: 1888004150

82 pages


"Now I am not going to answer the questions that must inevitably arise when one is immediately concerned with the problems of war, what attitude and action one should take with regard to it, and so on. But perhaps we shall talk over together a much deeper problem, for war is only an outward manifestation of inward confusion and struggle of hate and antagonism. The problem that we should discuss, which is ever present, is that of the individual and his relationship with another, which is society. If we can understand this complex problem, then perhaps we shall be able to avoid the many causes that ultimately lead to war. War is a symptom, however brutal and diseased, and to deal with the outer manifestation without regard to the deeper causes of it, is futile and purposeless; in changing fundamentally the causes, perhaps we can bring about a peace that is not destroyed by outer circumstances."