Limits of Thought, The

Book Cover: Limits of Thought, The
Pages: 131

The Limits of Thought contains a series of penetrating dialogues between the unique teacher J. Krishnamurti and the distinguished physicist David Bohm. Their starting point is Krishnamurti's statement, "The action of reality is entirely different from the action of truth." They explore questions of time, space, order, chaos and conflict and what might be the meaning of wholeness when the limitation of thinking is seen.

In a preface, David Bohm writes about Krishnamurti's steadfast concern with truth: "Krishnamurti's work is permeated by what may be called the essence of the scientific approach, when this is considered in its very highest and purest form."

Publisher: Routledge
131 Pages

Reviews:Gabriel Capmany on wrote:

"Having gone through K and Bohm ideas before, I found this conversations as the perfect summary to work, confront, feel and develop a profound understanding of the root source of our lives: the thinking-feeling- perceptual process.

And it is not a description based on science or religion or other human disciplines, although the two authors have enough background to cover these areas. It is based in the answer we all can reach if we have the interest, the time, the intuition to look for."

Customer on wrote:

"According to Troxell and Snyder Krishnamurti is leading philosophers away from reliance on abstract thought to greater concern for a direct awareness of ourselves in the world....and together with David Bohm in these further dialogs, the result is of extraordinary importance, which is affecting all thinking areas."