Krishnamurti’s Journal

Book Cover: Krishnamurti’s Journal
Pages: 100

In September 1973, Krishnamurti suddenly started keeping a journal. For nearly six weeks he made daily entries in a notebook. Nearly every entry starts with a description of some natural scene, which he knows intimately. He recalls places he has lived in with a clarity that shows how vivid his memory is for natural scenery, arising from the acuteness of his observation.

Krishnamurti's Journal gives an intimate look at one of the great spiritual teachers of our time. Writing simply, directly, yet in richly poetic prose, Krishnamurti shares observations and meditations, which he wrote in this diary from 1973 to 1975.

"In the silence of deep night and in the quiet still morning when the sun is touching the hills, there is a great mystery. It is there in all living things. If you sat quietly under a tree, you would feel the ancient earth with its incomprehensible mystery ..."

Publisher: Harper Collins
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