Krishnamurti to Himself: His Last Journal

Book Cover: Krishnamurti to Himself: His Last Journal

This book is special as it is the only one of Krishnamurti's publications which presents words spoken into a tape recorder while he was alone.

Like the written entries in Krishnamurti's Journal and Krishnamurti's Notebook, these also are true meditations.

Published by HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780062506498
134 pages

Reviews:Andrew Beaulac on wrote:

"Krishnamurti's last journal was spoken into a tape recorder at his home, the Pine Cottage, in the Ojai Valley. In the last two years of his long life, here the spiritual teacher is most intimate, and so gentle yet with complete candor.

The chapters are brief and I found I was reading one just before turning the light off each nigfht. Each chapter begins with reflections on the day, usually began with a pre-dawn walk in the mountains, encounters with wildlife, meditation. The reflections are on nature, death, the possibility of total transformation of the mind, of time and the self.

Krishnamurti is a favorite author-teacher, and I have collected and read most everything by him readily available. Krishnamurti can be slow reading, ponderous and even sometimes a bit impenetrable. But here he is clear and the most profound truths are found to be the most simple. Reading a chapter each night is both powerfully transformative and a pleasure, This is my favorite of the Krishnamurti books, one which I have used to introduce friends to this extraordinary man."


"Krishnamurti provides probing questions to unravel the self-imposed prejudices of mankind. Disdaining all attempts to draft him as guru or teacher -- rather powerfully pointing to the fact the each is responsible for themselves. No one can show us how to "know". Instead he challenges the reader/listener to determine reality by facing fear to see it for what it is. Freedom is the goal. Not for anyone not willing to stare into the recesses of mind to see."