Inward Revolution

Book Cover: Inward Revolution
Pages: 280

J. Krishnamurti was one of the most influential and widely known spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. Here, he inquires with the reader into how remembering and dwelling on past events, both pleasurable and painful, give us a false sense of continuity, causing us to suffer. His instruction is to be attentive and clear in our perceptions and to meet the challenges of life directly in each new moment.

Publisher: Shambhala
Author/Editor: J. Krishnamurti
ISBN: 9781590303276
228 pp

Reviews:J on wrote:

"Each chapter [lecture] is a variation, and one step deeper than the previous. The repetition is effective in a meditation-in-action way. By the end of the book, a feeling of self-empowerment on the spiritual (and logical) level definitely occurred for me. This book should be read without too much intensity, as the logic will integrate itself in a tangible way, naturally; however, try to read only one chapter per day or two, so that the proper reasoning can internalize and be used (by adding the Right Conscious Effort as often as possible) as a truly practical approach to developing personal confidence (facing and accepting fears) in seeing the world truthfully, learning to avoid habitual reactions, and to wake up in order to live life in the most meaningful and enlightened way.
Just remember to make this book a guide to Right Understanding and Action, not to use it as just another intellectual exercise."