Flame of Learning, A

Book Cover: Flame of Learning, A

At Brockwood Park, England, Krishnamurti in conversation with teachers addresses such questions as:

  • Is it possible to transmit Krishnamurti's teachings to students through their subjects?

The meaning of freedom and authority and having no motive or self-interest.

Published by Mirananda
ISBN: 9789062718290
205 pages

Reviews:Reza Ganjavi on Amazon.com wrote:

"Great book. One of Krishnamurti classics. In depth discussions of many of the core elements of his teachings. Fantastic. Highly recommended. But read it with a grain of salt -- DO NOT BELIEVE what it says. EXAMINE it for yourself and find out if the things said are true or not. If they are you've found them first hand. If not, you can discard them. It takes patience if this is your first K book, to get familiar to the terminology and the approach..."