Flame of Attention, The

Book Cover: Flame of Attention, The
Pages: 112

Talks given in India, England, Switzerland and the United States in 1981 and 1982.

"What is a human being to do? Is the crisis intellectual, economic or national with all the poverty, confusion, anarchy, lawlessness, terrorism and always the threat of the bomb in the street?

Observing all that, what is our responsibility?

Are you concerned with what is happening in the world, or are you merely concerned with your own private salvation?"

Published by Mirananda
ISBN: 9789062716954
112 pages

Reviews:NYUZMAN on Amazon.com wrote:

"I picked up this book when I was about 18 years old. My older sisted brought it home with her from the nursing home where she was working. I started reading it and noticed that some sort of shift was taking place within me. The authors words were being lifted off the page and inscribed into my concience. I was never the same again. I still return to it every chance I get and have recommended it to my friends and colleagues and sometimes went ahead and ordered it for them to make sure that they get the chance to read such simple truths to which Krishnamurti has devoted his whole life to teach others."

j. ogle on Amazon.com wrote:

"This is a penetrating collection of K's talks from Oct. '81 to Sept. of '82 given in India, England, Switzerland, and the U.S. If you have read a lot of his books, I am in agreement with "Bigfoot" - there may not be anything "new" in regards to intellectuality; however, just by reading this I stumbled across "new" things simply because of a particular word in a particular sentence. K's work can be an intellectual activity, or it can be a total experience in which he is not a "guru" or "teacher", but rather your mirror. Every time I go back to a book I've read, I notice "new" things pop up in front of me. Maybe because my brain is changing? I don't know, but my life is. So if you have an opportunity to read this short (112 pgs.) book, I'd recommend you take it up - especially since it is talks from his later life."