Collected Works Volume 4

The Observer is the Observed

In these talks, given in Ojai and India, Krishnamurti discusses the nature of the observer. He states in the beginning, "to understand the confusion and misery that exist in ourselves, and to in the world, we must first find clarity within ourselves and this clarity comes about through right thinking...Right thinking comes with self knowledge. Without understanding yourself, you have no basis for thought; without self-knowledge what you think is not true.”

An extensive compendium of Krishnamurti's talks and discussions in the USA, Europe, India, New Zealand, and South Africa from 1933 to 1967—the Collected Works have been carefully authenticated against existing transcripts and tapes. Each volume includes a frontispiece photograph of Krishnamurti , with question and subject indexes at the end.

The content of each volume is not limited to the subject of the title, but rather offers a unique view of Krishnamurti's extraordinary teachings in selected years. The Collected Works offers the reader the opportunity to explore the early writings and dialogues in their most complete and authentic form.

Publisher: KFA
Author/Editor: J. Krishnamurti
230 pp - paper