Book of Life, The

Daily Meditations with J. Krishnamurti

Book Cover: Book of Life, The
Pages: 388

Inspired by Krishnamurti's perception that truth can be discovered by anyone, and that all life is interconnected.

The Book of Life presents passages from Krishnamurti's talks and writings on a different theme for every week of the year, with each topic developed over seven days.

The subjects embrace such far-ranging topics as self-knowledge, desire, sorrow, death, and meditation.

Publisher - Harper Collins
Author/Editor - J. Krishnamurti
388 pp - Paper

Reviews:Customer on wrote:

"This volume is one of the most unique Krishnamurti books available. All the books by or about him seem to offer added insight but this book is very useful in what it brings to the reader. I found that it was best, for me, to read a week's worth of daily readings at a sitting since they are chosen to relate to each other...each week having a single focus. No book can capture the man or the totality of his challenge to us but this book surely is a must for anyone seriously trying to get an understanding of the man and his trying to verbalize that which is not easily expressed in words."

Juls on wrote:

"This is the third book I have read by Krishnamurti. It is excellent. It is truly profound. Several times, I have read something in this book, and then I have to pause just to let it soak in. Several pages I have even read twice, as each time I read it, I "see" something new. This book elucidates concepts such as love, sorrow, fear, etc., in a way that few books can. This book is setup like a year-long Calendar, with each page commentary on a different topic. It is easy to read, profound, and great as a bedside book. Read a few pages before bedtime every night. Great stuff to fall asleep on."