As One Is

Book Cover: As One Is
Pages: 147

In this series of 8 talks, given in Ojai, California in 1955, he confronts the confusion, habits, and assumptions of the human mind, and claims these lie at the root of all violence and suffering in the world. While these reflections were offered over 50 years ago, their meaning is as fresh and as relevant heard today.

Krishnamurti discusses a world in which booming productivity and scientific advancement promise a happy future, but don't provide it. He points to the ongoing escalation of war, competition, envy and territoriality despite gains in education, religious ecumenism and the technologies of self-improvement.

Ultimately and throughout, he asks his listeners to consider that all apparent progress of the self is not progress toward freedom, but a treadmill of illusion. Knowing one's mind, he asserts, through diligent self-observation, is the only way to freedom.

Publisher: Hohm Press
147 pp

Reviews:Donn E. Kean on wrote:

"What a lovely, wonderful man and writer. He was raised to be the leader of India, the new Krishna, and he turned away from all of that and said basically "believe in yourself, rather than look for answers from me". He gave it all away, choosing instead to teach, instruct, and live life. His words flow like poetry, and his thoughts touch our very souls. He said think, don't follow. He taught that we should look into ourselves instead. I recommend reading everything he has written. He was a kind, gentle, intelligent man, with a strength than most of us will never be able to come close to."

Noel Rieder on wrote:

"If there is only one Krishnamurti book you read, this slim and clear collection of lectures should be it. It is astounding how deep yet clear Krishnamurti can be at his best."