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New Release: What Are You Looking For?

In What Are You Looking For? Krishnamurti offers radical insights and reflections on a core feature of life: relationships. From parents and partners to friends and colleagues, Krishnamurti answers your deepest questions on loving yourself, others and the world around you.

All life is shaped by relationships. We must come to know them intimately so that we can fully experience their beauty and richness. Every interaction with another person, from our loved ones to strangers, has an impact on who we are and how we live.

New translation in China

Krishnamurti To Himself: His Last Journal

Publisher: China South Booky Culture

Bilingual edition: Chinese (Simplified), English

Original Copyright: Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd. 1987

New Translation in Brazil

The Book of Life

Publisher: Editora Planeta do Brasil

Language: Portuguese 

Original Copyright: Krishnamurti Foundation of America 1995