Collected Works Volume 8

What are you Seeking?

The answer to the question, "what are you seeking?" is simple: We want to find truth, God, everlasting peace. The real question, says Krishnamurti, is: 'Why do you seek at all?' (p. 328) Knowing conflict, repression, self-doubt, and fear as consistent companions, we naturally wish for them to come to an end. So begins the search for relief, the search for everlasting peace--through ideas, religions, self-help, self-analysis, etc., and we think of this search as a right action towards finding what we are looking for. But do we know what we are looking for, or are we merely seeking relief from what is happening presently? Are we seeking at that point only an idea, the supposed opposite of the emotion that we are experiencing now? It is the search that maintains the present emotion and its projected opposite in a state of mutually co-existent conflict, inherently.(See January, 1954, Talks 1-15)

Publisher: KFA
Author/Editor: J. Krishnamurti
371 pp - Paper