Collected Works Volume 16

The Beauty of Death

Krishnamurti gave these talks in India and Europe. The talks span the whole of human existence, exploring what it means to live rightly in a world full of confusion and misery.

Publisher: KFA
Author/Editor: J. Krishnamurti
327 pp - paper


"...only in peace that a human being can flower in goodness - not in war, not in violence, not in disorder, but only when there is a deep abiding peace. And to understand this whole phenomenon of hate, destruction and disorder, one has to enquire not merely intellectually - because such an enquiry is futile, worthless and has no meaning whatsoever - but actually what order means, what violence means, and the significance of peace; one has to enquire non-verbally, non-intellectually - which really has very little meaning, because most of us have read or indulged in theory what peace should be, how to get rid of violence, how to establish order.."